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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie   Watercolor on Khadi paper   12 x 12
seems to be a favorite and pies, in general, seem to be the quintessential American dessert.  I come from a long line of pie makers.  My mom always offered up at least three varieties at each holiday gathering.  Her sister used to stay up all night before family get-togethers rolling and filling and baking.  She even had a large multiple-shelved carrier with a top handle that allowed her to cart at least eight pies to events.  Any uneaten pies were sent home with guests. As a result, I am afraid that I became over-pied....just too much of a good thing, I suppose.

Recently, while having a bit of brunch in Clintonville, we stopped into a wonderful place....Dough Mama.  On the wall was a wonderful pie drawing that inspired my own version.  This painting is more meticulous than usual for me, as I took painstaking care in the overs and unders of the latticework crust.  I attempted to keep sparkling whites, mostly in the cherry filling.  The background was the devil.  Each color seemed wrong...too colorful to compete with the vibrant pie.  I finally layered the background with a pick-type brush (cut out like a comb) using white gouache for a more subtle application.  In this regard, I was inspired by a children's book in which all of the illustrations were painting on wood, with the grain as part of the overall texture.  I am pleased.

Care for a slice?

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